Adjusted conditions due to Corona-virus:
You can now make a reservation without paying.

If the travel restrictions are lifted, we require a deposit of 30%, and the full amount must be paid no later than two months before the start of the rentall.

We will refund the paid amount if there are travel restrictions for the Lot on the day of arrival from the government or if your country of residence imposes a travel ban for the Lot.

If it is not possible for you to travel due to illness or for other reasons, it will not be covered by his arrangement, but by your normal cancellation/travel insurance.


Conditions, terms of agreement and general information ‘Le Peyrou’

1. Reservations

Once we have received your filled in reservations form, you will be sent an invoice (bill) for the total amount of the reservations/booking fee. Until we have received the agreed upon deposit before the mentioned "confirmation of booking date"; we can only then confirm your definite reservation.


2. Rental Period

The rental period for the houses is minimum 1 week, and begins on the first Saturday (arrival) at 17.00 hours (5 p.m.) and ends on the last Saturday (departure) at 9.30 hours ( 9.30 a.m.). From November till March you can start or finish your holiday also on other days.


3. Payment

The deposit is 30% of the total bookings fee. It has to be paid within 10 days of receiving your invoice. The amount must be booked to our account in that period. The remaining amount must be paid in full at the latest 2 months before your reservation dates. The entire amount must be paid in full, before you can enter your vacation home.


4. Deposit

When you make your reservation, you are required to also pay a deposit of 150,- Euro for the Studio, 250,- Euro for the main manor, the Boathouse and the House of the Guardian and 400,- Euro for the Guesthouse. This will be paid back as soon as possible and within 14 days after your departure, once we are certain that there are no damages or missing property. It will be booked to your bank account.


5. Energy costs

In the period of October 1st  to April 25th , you are required to pay for the extra heating costs, which must be paid before departure. There is firewood for the fireplaces available for a small charge.


6. Cancellations

When cancelling your reservations you must do so with a written letter; a minimum of 2 months before the rental period. Then you will receive 30 % of your rental/ booking fee back. It will be deposited to your account. We would advise you to get a personal "cancellations" insurance to cover unforeseen problems and situations.


7. Cleaning costs

Please leave the house swept clean and all garbage removed. The end cleaning will be done by us, at your charge. (See price information). If the house is not left behind as declared in the first part of this chapter, we can charge you for extra cleaning costs.

8. Linens
You can bring your own bed linens and towels, but you can also rent them.
Bed linens: 8,- euro per person. Towels : 6,- euro per set.
Please bring your own kitchentowels and your own bathtowel for the pool.

 9. Pets
Pets are not allowed on the estate. 

10. Maximum persons allowed

The maximum persons allowed are stated in the descriptions of the houses. The number of guests can not be exceeded only when agreed upon by the owner, and extra fees have been agreed upon and paid. Visitors can only enter the property of 'Le Peyrou' after you have asked permission. Visitors may not use the tennis court, swimming pool or other facilities of the estate. 

11. Liability
During the stay (rental period) the renter is liable for the house, the house contents and all matters concerning the rental object (house). We are not liable in anyway for damages, injury, or inconvenience in any way shape or form, to the renter, or the guests in the renter's house, or on the grounds of the estate. We have done our utmost best to bring you this selection of vacation houses and we are not liable for unforeseen changes and unknown situations, in the present or future. 

 12. We expect from you as our guest to respect other guests, occupants and/or visitors on ‘Le Peyrou’. Silence after 22.00h.


We advise you to have adequate insurance before you arrive.






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